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Importance Of Weight Training To Women Over 40

Weight training has been so much important not only for men but also for women especially those above 40 years of age. For any lady, as she gets in her 40s and above, a lot of body changes take place the most common change being increased body weight due to excessive fats and thus the need to reduce this by undertaking the right weight training. There are however so many other physical and mental health benefits that any woman in her 40s and above can enjoy from weight training. In case you had a negative perspective, consider the following health benefits that you can enjoy from weight lifting and other forms of weight training especially if you are a lady with more than forty years.

The first reason why weight training is a great physical exercise for women over 40 is so as to cut down excessive fats. One way through which the weight training for women over 40s cuts down excess body weight is by burning a large amount of fats and calories in the body. One good thing with the weight training exercises is that they keep the body in the fat burning mode even after one leaves the gym and thus speeding it the overall rate at which one losses her body weight.

The other reason why weight training is very important for the health of women over 40s is because it helps to build lean body muscles and thus improving the body fitness and shape. Through building of the lean muscles in your body, there is also great impacts to your moods and body strength. Weight training for women over 40 also helps to make sure that their bodies retain muscles therefore maintaining the health of their skins and preventing the belly, buttocks, arms, shoulder and chest from sagging.

The other way through which women over 40 can benefit from weight training is safety on their body parts and this is through minimization of various risks of injuries on parts like ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones. It is obvious that weight training will help to cut down the excessive weight in your body and because of this, there is increased glucose tolerance and increased insulin sensitivity therefore reducing the risk of diabetes. Weight training will help to make sure that the strength of your heart is improved and that all the fat that may block the arteries or cause any heart problem are removed and thus improving your overall body health. Lastly, weight training for women over 40 gives them curves and this is through building lean muscle mass.

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